Andre – My Bridge of Hope

One evening I was reading Kim Meeder’s book, “Bridge Called Hope.”  Kim runs a horse rescue in Oregon and works closely in the community assisting children in their own healing process as well.  This book speaks of different true stories of volunteers, children and horses that Kim has had the blessing to come in contact with in her work.

I had taken a little break from reading, grabed a glass of water and listened to some music. The book was on the corner of my bed.  As I walked back into the room, where I had left the book, I found my adopted kitty, Andre, contentedly snuggling right smack dab on top of the book.  Of course, I just couldn’t resist capturing this with a photographic portrait.  Andre looked so sweet curled up on the book.  It was almost as if he sensed how happy the book made me too.

Hope and Andre


Looking at Andre, I realized that he is my bridge called Hope.  Although he is not my own kitty, he lives with the neighbor next door … he is here for me when I need a friend.  He listens to me and usually the only recommendations he makes about coming up with solutions is to either sleep on it or go get a snack and figure it out later.  He is quite sage-like.  He likes to cuddle sometimes, and we even have slumber parties on occassion.

More than that, Andre is a bridge of hope for many people here in the neighborhood. He visits almost every neighbor throughout the day to wish a warm hello and a sweet kitty meow.  And when he doesn’t feel like being an ambassador of hope, he runs off to do important kitty activities like chasing lizards, climbing trees and picking a fight or two (but not too often).

I hope you enjoyed meeting Andre as much as I love sharing his story of Hope with you.

Ciao!  Meow!

Shannon & Andre