Canine and Feline Massage & Reiki Sessions

Canine and Feline Massage & Reiki Sessions

Our canine and feline family friends looooooove massage, Reiki and bodywork.   I know when I meet new cat and dog friends they will often lean the areas of their bodies into my hands showing me the way to best help them.

My hands listen to the bodies of your furry family members.  Through intuition and knowledge of the muscular system, I am able to connect and find what pace to go at in the massage.  It is usually recommended that younger pets benefit from slower massage sessions to create relaxation.   For older animals a more rapid massage session is good at creating stimulation of the immune system.

Sometimes when I am working, I find that not only is the muscular system of your furry family member in need of work, they are also in need of emotional support if they are experiencing stress.   Animals can experience stress in much the same way people do.  If cats and dogs are left home alone for large amounts of time, they may experience issues of abandonment.  Reiki work can assist in alleviating some of this stress by allowing them to connect energetically with their human companions even when they are not home together.

Each session is individual and caters to the needs of your pets.   I take into account any medications your pet might be taking along with care they are receiving from their veterinary.

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