Jesse’s Christmas and Riley’s Headless Chicken!

My super awesome sweet client, Jesse, and I celebrated a nice Christmas together … we both like dressing up!

Jesse’s brother, Riley, felt a bit left out so he had to show me his favorite stuffed toy … the headless chicken!

Thank you puppies for your sweet love!



Jesse Makes Progress!

Jesse the Wonder Doggie

Jesse and I had our second appointment together today.  Her mom, Linda, said Jesse was doing much better since the last visit.  Jesse is an older (but wiser) Aussie who is challenged with some hearing loss.  Linda said that Jesse hasn’t been able to hear anything for a long time.  However! … Linda relayed story to me that her and her husband were talking at home and happened to say Jesse’s name and Jesse actually looked up and cocked her head in response to “hearing” her name.  Yay!  I was grateful for hearing this story.  Part of the patterning I worked on with Jesse was her teeth, jaw and gums.  Tension around the jaw could possibly have been creating some hearing loss around the auditory canal.  Woof, Woof!

Doggie Demo at Unity Church

Today I had the opportunity to do a doggie massage demonstration at Unity Church …

Where I was able to meet my new friend, Opal, who is a wonderful service dog …

During the demonstration, Opal was kind enough to let me do some Reiki healing work with her …

We both had a grand time!  Thank you Molly for allowing me to work with Opal for the demonstration 😉

Say woof to Jesse!

Jubilant Jesse the Cute Aussie came into see me today to receive some massage and reiki work to help with her arthritis and joints.  We got to play with one another and we both felt better after the session.  Her mom, Linda, even commented that Jesse was walking better after the session.


Hello Kit, Pleased to Meet You

Please meet Kit … the Wise Kit a.k.a. Dach-Chi, who has been featured in many of her own YouTube chronicles ( ) … I had the honor of working on her at a Fall Equinox Celebration.  She thoroughly enjoyed her royal massage and was ready to impart some more wisdom to us earthlings.

Shannon and Kit a.k.a. Dach-Chi (Photo by: Quynn Elizabeth)

Nikko and His Sister Katie

I had the rewarding pleasure to work yesterday with Nikko.  He is 15 years old and in great spirit and health.  His only complaint, “sometimes its hard for me to lift my bones up off the ground!”   So we worked on some massage and gentle Reiki and did lots of movement with his joints.  He was super happy!


While Nikko received his massage, poor Katie, his sister, was so sad with her puppy dog eyes that she wasn’t getting a session.   I gave her lots of kisses afterwards though since she is so doggon cute.

Sister Katie

Tio is Making Progress!

Lynell, Tio’s owner, contacted me and let me know that Tio is making progress recovering his health.  We were working on his coffin bone by doing energetic reiki, trigger point massage and sound healing through use of the singing bowl.  Over the past week he has been able to shift weight more comfortably onto his left leg as he walks.  Thank you for the update Lynell!  Good work Tio!

Tio the Tiger! ….

Tio (Photo by: Shannon Sullivan)

Just kidding!  Made ya look.  Tio isn’t a Tiger at all … he is an older Quarter horse.  I had the opportunity today to work with him doing a combination of Reiki, Craniosacral and Massage.  He let me do some work with the singing bowl as well which allowed some release around his sacroiliac joint.  His whole body relaxed as the singing bowl created healing vibration along his hips and spine.  Thank you Tio for letting me work with you today.

Meow! Woof! Whinny!

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