I Love Lucy

I bet you thought I might talk about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz! Nope … atleast not this time.  I want to introduce you to sweet Lucy and her owner, Jen.  Lucy is 16 years old and is such a blessing.  I first met Lucy and Jen at “Dogtoberfest”, a dog event hosted by Handi-dogs.  Lucy and Jen have been best friends for the past 15 years, and Lucy was the lucky winner of the free pet massage drawing.

I Love Lucy

  Lucy accompanies Jen to work quite often.  I had the opportunity to head over to Wildcat CrossFit where Jen trains. www.wildcatcrossfit.com  Lucy keeps watch over the gym members making sure they don’t cheat on their workouts.  This is pretty challenging work, and I knew this meant a good massage was in order for Lucy.

I spent a great deal of time working along Lucy’s spine, hips and joints due to some arthritic condtions that affect her walking.  Lucy enjoyed her session and we wrapped it up with some yummy doggie treats (Lucy may have even liked the treats better than the massage …)

How People and Dogs Greet: Hand-to-Paw

Education for pet owners is an important part of helping people and their companions create a better dialogue with one another.  Have you ever wondered why dogs who first meet a new person might snap or bite if the person reaches towards them to say hello? Patricia Mcconnell, PhD in her book “The Other End of the Leash”  explains the difference between people meeting people and how dogs greet one another.  Learning our companions language can help us have safer, more loving interactions.

When people first meet one another for the first time, we walk directly towards each other with hand extended looking one another directly in the eyes.

Now when dogs meet each other for the first time, they avoid direct eye contact, usually approach from the side and smell one another to get to know each other better.  Scent is a big indicator of what is happening in each dog’s world.

A misunderstanding may occur when a person meets a new dog for the first time and reaches out his or her hand and looks the dog in the eyes.  Coming directly at a dog, with hand extended with eye contact is actually a sign of aggression to a dog.  You can see how a miscommunication might occur.  For the person, it is a harmless handshake, but for the dog, it is an act of dominance.

The best way for people to meet new dogs is to stand on the side of the dog and allow the dog to choose whether he or she wants to say hello.  If the dog approaches, allow him/her to smell your foot or leg.  If the dog feels comfortable you can then open your hand and give the back of your hand to the dog to smell.

Now we can make better meeters and greeters for our canine companions!  That is 5 Paws Up! 😉

Jesse hears a Raven!

  Jesse came into the clinic yesterday for her weekly session.  Her owner and friend, Linda, indicated that Jesse’s hearing keeps getting better and better each day.  I have continued to work on the jaw muscles inside of Jesse’s mouth along with her teeth and gums, massaging gently along with using gentle pressure to release trigger points that I find.  I wasn’t sure if her hearing was better until we were standing outside while I worked on her and a Raven cawed off in the distance as he flew by and Jesse perked up her ears, turned her head toward the sound and looked.  Linda and I giggled.  Of course, hearing loss in animals is not always due to tight jaw muscles; however, in this instance it is greatly benefiting Jesse to regain some of what she has lost.

Canine Pet Massage Demonstration

I had the privilege of working with Canine Diva, Shakti Om.  She is a wonderful Chihuahua, who can be found many days at Liferoot Acupuncture & Healing Arts clinic in Tucson, Arizona (www.liferootacupuncture.com)  She regularly sits with clients and patients throughout the day to bringing calming energy to those around her.  I asked if she would be in my first canine massage video demo, and she readily agreed.  In this demonstration I show the benefits our doggie companions receive from massage and energy work.  It is important to gift back to our animal friends as they often gift of themselves unconditionally.

Please click on the link below to view the video demo:

Canine Massage Demo Part One: Shakti

Thank you for joining us today!  Woof! Woof!


Blessings and Bubbles

With aching heart and teary eyes,

we want this chance to say Good-bye

to our beloved friend and companion too

and are grateful for her walking us through.

Our friend, Jesse, made her way to doggie heaven … I had the chance to work with her one last time last week where she sat in my lap and allowed me to work on her directly instead of just using Reiki touch.  She allowed me to connect with herself directly overcoming the pain that she felt around her joints.  We talked for a bit and she listened as I shared with her how much she was loved by her family.  I know her brother, Riley, will miss her deeply.   Jesse was a loving companion for her owner, Linda.

Loved. Happy wags.  Lolling tongue.  Deep brown eyes.

Good bye Jess!


Love Shannon …

Jesse’s Christmas and Riley’s Headless Chicken!

My super awesome sweet client, Jesse, and I celebrated a nice Christmas together … we both like dressing up!

Jesse’s brother, Riley, felt a bit left out so he had to show me his favorite stuffed toy … the headless chicken!

Thank you puppies for your sweet love!



Jesse Makes Progress!

Jesse the Wonder Doggie

Jesse and I had our second appointment together today.  Her mom, Linda, said Jesse was doing much better since the last visit.  Jesse is an older (but wiser) Aussie who is challenged with some hearing loss.  Linda said that Jesse hasn’t been able to hear anything for a long time.  However! … Linda relayed story to me that her and her husband were talking at home and happened to say Jesse’s name and Jesse actually looked up and cocked her head in response to “hearing” her name.  Yay!  I was grateful for hearing this story.  Part of the patterning I worked on with Jesse was her teeth, jaw and gums.  Tension around the jaw could possibly have been creating some hearing loss around the auditory canal.  Woof, Woof!

Doggie Demo at Unity Church

Today I had the opportunity to do a doggie massage demonstration at Unity Church …

Where I was able to meet my new friend, Opal, who is a wonderful service dog …

During the demonstration, Opal was kind enough to let me do some Reiki healing work with her …

We both had a grand time!  Thank you Molly for allowing me to work with Opal for the demonstration 😉

Say woof to Jesse!

Jubilant Jesse the Cute Aussie came into see me today to receive some massage and reiki work to help with her arthritis and joints.  We got to play with one another and we both felt better after the session.  Her mom, Linda, even commented that Jesse was walking better after the session.